is a series of creations for the internet, accumulated in a growing web gallery.

The only rule applying to the creations is that they must be no larger than 3,5 MB. The form and content is completely free. It could be anything: music, animation, text, film, games, photos, montage, commercials or whatever's on the creators minds.

One creator is working at the time, and when a creation is done, the creator passes on the netstafet to a new creator by his/her own choice. is here to show different ways of how creativity evolve with the internet. At the same time it works as an experiment, trying to trace one of the millions of possible lines between people who works creatively with the internet as platform or medium.

This website is the place to follow the project, and to follow the geographical and creative lines from one creator to the next.

stafet [stäf'et], subst.: Dispatch rider; can also mean the baton that passes from one team member to the next in a relay race. (stafet is a Danish word, borrowed from the Old German stapfa. It is also connected to stabel)


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- creativism on the run
Latest creation:  
dancing A_A (Shockwave Art) //click/  
by Alexandre Gherban  
Paris, France  

The way of the netstafet. Click on map

Earlier creations:  
Sounds (Shockwave Art) //click/  
by Antoine Schmitt  
Paris, France  

Dancing Person (perl script) //click/


by Alex,


London, UK


Noiser 1.0 (musicsoftware) //click/


by Thor Magnusson


Copenhagen, Denmark


AGENTBEATS (musicsoftware) //click/


by Mikkel Beat


Paris, France


The Circumnavigation (flashfilm) //click


by Jesper Vega


Copenhagen, Denmark

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