This is a small flashfilm called "The Circumnavigation" or, in the original Danish, "Jordunderrejsen". It's about how the quest for fortune and fame sometimes can end up having strange consequences. It's the first thing i finished with Flash shortly after i got the program. I have been writing short stories and been experimenting with video and music before, and i was imidiately fascinated by the way it was possible to tell completely different kinds of stories with Flash-animation...and, of course, thrilled about how good the program is to help you draw

I first came to know the internet when in college around 1995, shortly after i got my own computer, and got connected. I'm deeply fascinated about the way the internet has devolped over the past decade, and i still get weekly kicks out of surfing the web finding all sorts of creative outbreaks. My fascination about both the content and the structure of the internet is the reason why i decided to develop

I choose to forward the netstafet to Mikkel Beat, who is working with Alife programming to create music. What a fabulous idea! :-)

(if you have problems watching, get the latest free Flash-plug-inn at


(c) Jesper Vestergaard, 2003