Noiser 1.0

Well, this is a simple application. Place your soundfiles in the
" snds" folder and click on the Noiser 1.0 logo. The application
opens and you'll hear the Noiser make music out of your soundfiles
according to some stupid algorithms.

Noiser has three buttons: play, record and stop

Download and check out the application here:

Mac OS 9.2 : noiser.sit

Windows :

Check out the Read Me file.


Thor Magnusson (from ixi software) received the stafet from Mikkel B and decided to create a microsound emulator, i.e. a software that parodies the sub-popular genre glitch/microsound. The user just puts some soundfiles in the "sounds" folder of the application and the software will create music according to some popular glitch/microsound algorithms. The result can be stunning. Further information on thor and ixi software is to be found here:

(c) Thor Magnusson, 2003