Hi, I'm Jesper Vestergaard.

I'm a curious and creative entrepreneur living in Copenhagen, Denmark, working with digital design, media, content and events. I do product design, product management and startup consultancy. Let's connect! (:

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Stories Without Endings
Consultant and Digital Product Designer
I help building unique digital experiences by consulting startups and as product manager and product designer.
Founder and Product Designer
We bring the quality of storytelling from print to the web. To the design and navigation. And we allow publishers to present a thoughtfully crafted reading experience.
Tiny Epic Trips
Founder and Product Designer
Tiny Epic Trips is an internet platform for self organized day trips where guides can set up day trips of any kind. And anyone can join.
Design and Implementation
A new digital media outlet. Written in Danish and focused on bringing news and perspective for the current debate about climate, nature and the environment we create around us. Read my case story.
Co-founder and Product Director
Most notably I designed the basic structures and guided the implementation of the platform's global ticket and registration solution, and a range of social features build around it, enabling event organizers from all over the world to sell tickets and create digital communities for their events.
We Have the Music
Concept, design and implementation
Mapping out the live venues and music places of Copenhagen in various forms, on the web, as an app, and as a Kickstarter printed poster project.
Imaginary Maps
Concept and design
A range of posters and map-based projects I've been making as a side project.
Drone Graffiti
Concept and Editor
I had the idea, that it could be a thing before it happned. So, I decided to set up a blog, and document when it happened. And it happened.
Organizer and Editor
Explorations of music and technology.
Art Director and Member
My band, where I work with guitars, computers and graphic design.
Concept and design
The world's first smartphone game, that does not require a smartphone.
Yes, it's a joke. Political satire to be exact. But also something to show that I value democracy and believe in our common potential as humans.
Extraudionary VR
Concept and design
A work-in-progress story about building a musical instrument in VR.
Organizer and design
A network-based digital art project to show different ways of how creativity evolve with the internet. At the same time it worked as an experiment, trying to trace one of the millions of possible lines between people who works creatively with the internet as platform or medium.
Digital Media Director and Editor
2003-2012 I was part of building the online music and culture magazine Soundvenue. First as Editor and then as Digital Media Director, also doing agency work and partnerships with clients like Volkswagen, Apple iTunes, MSN, Coca-Cola, Tuborg, Roskilde Festival, MetroExpress, DSB, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Harman Nordic and Golden Days Festival.
Co-founder and Editor
In the early days of the internet we decided to create a web magazine about movies.


Talks and presentations

Product Hunt Meetup Copenhagen #1
Drone Graffiti 2013-2016
Exhibition at TrailerPark I/O Festival in Copenhagen 2016.
RSVP Festival
Zagreb, Croatia, 2015
FuckUp Nights Copenhagen #4
#CPHFTW Town Hall #3
How to make an original music track simply by using the internet
Live performance, PechaKucha Night Cph #30, 2014 in Copenhagen.
PechaKucha Night Copenhagen


Creative Circle Bronze Award
2009, for Soundvenue.com


nolo, the long run
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EP 2020
Impossible Memory - Horse - nolo rework
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Remix 2020
Milljion - We Have Hearts - nolo rework
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Remix 2016
nolo, slacker city
EP 2008
Andria, Earthgazing
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Single 2018
Andria, Glowing
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Single 2018
Andria, Andria
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EP 2017


Suset 08
Short documentary, 2007
Short fiction, 2001
Other videos
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