Hi, I'm Jesper Vestergaard.

This is my ego-site.

I'm a curious creative living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I work with digital design, media and content. And I, generally, enjoy the digital expansion of the world.

Ongoing projects:


Web, startup
Co-founder and product director

We're building a new social platform connecting all conferences and professional events in the world. To open up for the knowledge shared and the networking going on. As co-founder and product director, I'm leading the design and product development processes.

Drone Graffiti

Blog, Technology
Editor and explorer

Following the appearance of a new art form, graffiti made with drones. An automated journalism and generic documentarism project aiming at collecting and documenting everything about the phenomena as it appears on the web.


Website, Facebook
Product design

A website and Facebook page guiding to orienteering events around Copenhagen.

We have the music

Website, Print
Product design

A website and poster design project mapping all music venues and bars in Copenhagen.


Blog, Technology
Editor and founder

HackBeat is your source of inspiration and new links from the intersection of music and technology. It is also an infrequent workshop about hacking music, playing and prototyping and creating something new. First event was in January 2015


Website, Art
Product design, Editor

Calendar and map of not to be missed art and culture exhibitions. When it's time for art!

Stories Without Endings

Freelance, Consultancy
Consultancy and business

A moniker for spare time projects, business, freelance engagements and explorations of something new.

Imaginary Maps

Maps, Print
Product design

A series of map-based posters carrying a specific meaning. I believe that by rearranging and staging the known in new ways, we can unlock a potential of finding new patterns, new opportunities, and new experiences.


Product design

The world's first smartphone game, that does not require a smartphone.


Member & initiator

A virtual political party and a reflection on democracy.

Extraudionary VR

VR, Music
Designer and developer

Exploring the potential of creating and playing music in virtual and augmented reality.

Browser music

Music, Internet
Concept and performer

A live performance concept using free web applications and readily available sounds from the internet.


Guitars, computer and vocals

Exploring the world of music with my alter-ego nolo and demos, and in a band called Andria.


Thinker and writer

Writing about various ideas in the borderlands of technology and philosophy. E.g. about How to be in two places at once with a drone avatar.


Music, Technology, Concept
Idea and design

A music re-discovery app mashing up your location graph with your music listening history. So far just a wireframed prototype and lot's of ideas.


Pecha Kucha Cph


Four times a year, and on a few special occasions we host Pecha Kucha Nights at cool venues in Copenhagen for an awesomely mixed crowd. January 2013-March 2014.


Editorial, Website, Print, Agency
Interaction designer, editor, journalist, reviewer, project manager
Took part in creating Soundvenue, the website and print magazine.

Including various agency projects:
www.kulturklik.dk, www.goldendays.dk/festival, drrb.dk, www.jazz.dk, greenstatement.roskilde-festival.dk, www.harmannordic.com, www.retshjaelpen.dk, www.plh.dk, www.magnet-photos.com. May 2003-May 2012.


Editorial, Website
Co-founder, editor, journalist
Took part in creating CinemaZone.dk, forming the concept, design and editorial profile. Jan 2000-Dec 2005.